Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento Experts

Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento Experts

The reason I say to allow your Commercial Debt Collection to be handle by professionals is quite simple; there are so many small rules that if they are broken you will trigger the FDCPA quicker than you ever intend to. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is not formulated to be on any one side over the other. They are on the side of rules and regulations. There are plenty in place; especially for a business.

For instance you may not at any time portray any part of your company as a collection agency if you are collecting for your company direct. For instance if you own the ABC Legit Company and you send a letter in regards to a client’s debt or make a phone call in regards to a client’s debt and address yourself from ABC Legit Collections; you have just broken one of the most common FDCPA regulations. That one simple word could very well land you in court.

There are some very common misunderstandings when collections are in play. If you want to play it safe and make sure that all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted; enlist a professional law firm to handle the Commercial Debt Collection for you. If you are still convinced you can handle it yourself; please keep these few tips in mind.

  • Do not pretend to be a lawyer or make any threats at all
  • Never inflate the amount owed or unlawfully or unknowingly add interest
  • Never threaten to sue or have your debtor arrested
  • Do not talk to other people about the debt owed
  • Lastly, never insinuate you are involved or any part of the government

You can hire a reputable third party Commercial Debt Collection firm to handle your debt collection issues. Remember; Abrate & Olsen are always here to help.

Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento Experts

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